Damp walls and ceiling is a big problem in cities like Durban. If you face the same problem and your ceiling looks dirty, Ceiling Installers Durban is the best solution. PVC is a lightweight material, which is very easy to handle. Let us see how it can help you to get rid of the damp ceiling. Indeed, we will give you the best pricing for a new ceiling too!

Let us Install or Repair your ceiling @ Ceiling Installers Durban

Ceiling Installers Durban

PVC ceiling installation from Ceiling Installers Durban is ideal for bathrooms 

Firstly, the gypsum ceiling was common a few years back. But now builders use PVC ceiling boards. After all, PVC material is damp proof and very durable. We use them in places that come in contact with water frequently. They do not get damaged even after many years. PVC ceiling panels make your home attractive for a long time. 

PVC can be used for Ceiling repairs @ Ceiling Installers Durban 

Secondly, if your ceilings are damage due to dampness, different options are available. Furthermore, you can choose a suspended ceiling to hide that damage. Bulkhead ceiling is also a similar option. So, we can use PVC for ceiling repair. Ceiling Installers Durban can also install a Rhino board ceiling if you prefer that. 

variety in ceiling designing

Furthermore, the decorative ceiling is also popular these days. You can choose a Drop ceiling or any other type of ceiling. We can provide you with affordable ceiling board prices for your home and office. Ceiling boards are available in different designs, which you can easily match with your home’s interior. Furthermore, we can repair your ceiling according to your requirements, within your budget. Our professionals know their job well. 

Ceiling Installers Durban

Finally, we have experts for Ceiling Installers Durban, but we can help you in different other capacities.

In addition, our skilled workers can do roof repairs according to your budget. 

So, contact us for dry walling, no matter how small, or large is the size of your wall. We can do all kinds of renovations in your homes and offices. 

We can replace and repair your aluminium windows and aluminium doors as well.